Master concept enhanced and new features in 20.0.4, 20.0.5 and 20.0.6

Demand data and required data for documents & objects

The new feature assists our customers to increase quality of their data during the entire lifecycle. A property can either be categorized as “required” or “demanded” when data is entered into the system or checked before approval.

Required data: When a user is creating a new document or object your organization might require the users to add a specific property such as Title or Denomination. With the new feature the user cannot continue unless all required data is entered.

Demand data: Demand data can still be ignored by the user when editing the property fields, but the document cannot be approved if one or multiple properties are missing.

New “document” facelift from 20.0.4

The data tab for documents has been updated to display all document type information in a single field. You search among all types and groups of documents when creating a new document. This new feature makes it easier when using Document Grouping where the user is not sure about which group the specific document type belong to.

CAD Driver for IFC 20.0.4

Automatic Letter Codes improvements. With the latest update its now easier than ever to create object structure based on model structure within the 3D model. Based on type of object and its structure relation Master concept automatically generate a new object with an object reference designation with 100% support for IEC/ISO81346.

Master concept and a built in MAP

With 20.0.5 you have access to a built in MAP functionality. By adding a new tab for the MAP you can easily position your objects marked in the treebrowser.

With an object icon and designation and other data the visualization is easy and also supported in MasterPortal.

Introducing DWG Viewer for Master Explorer 20.0.5

With the fix 5, Master explorer includes a native DWG viewer. This makes it possible to preview DWG files directly with no need to generate a PDF view file.

Activate your DWG Viewer in the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Document Types dialog.
  2. Select Document Start tab
  3. Set Viewer to CAD.

Master portal APP

AssetMaster is our APP for maintenance and now there is one more APP for MasterPortal users. Download it in your download store.