Ides AB and HSarchitects has signed a strategic license contract for BIM lifecycle management including Facility Management and Maintenance. The HSarchitects owner, HSBIM, have made this investment as a part of a development strategy that together with Ides build up a cloud-based solution for Maintenance based on BIM within HSarchitects.

HSarchitects invest in Ides MasterConcept Cloud technology where design and technical data, documents, 3D models and Preventive Maintenance are unified in to the same system.

“In our company culture we embrace good and innovative ideas and that’s why Ides and their innovative technology match our culture. With MasterConcept, we will develop our company not just in our existing business in architecture and design but also to give us a platform to expand our business in to the life cycle management area. ” says Peter Wang, President and co-founder of HSarchitects

The platform is based on MasterConcept BIM Engineering Data HUB and Maintenance HUB. Together with a handful of applications, the maintenance and design departments will have access to the cloud and data platform. By developing BIM in to operation and maintenance, HSarchitects take a strategic step to support their customers not only in planning and design but also all the way to operation.

“It’s a strategic partnership with HSarchitects where our platform in combination and our cloud technology are combined for best practice. Together with HSarchitects we create an innovative and high-tech business model for an industry in development both in China but also world wide. We also move maintenance preparations and maintenance set-up in to an early stage of all projects for a faster handover process after going live.” Lars Geidne, CEO of Ides AB

About HSarchitects

HSa originates from a native ideal about humanism, i.e. to create a brand-new design partnership paradigm so that excellent talents, while pursuing their respective ideals, can work together to create extraordinary value. Over the years, in spite of constant expansion of its business portfolio and diversification, HSa has never changed its core spirit of humanism. In terms of the brand image, “HS” is a combination of the initials of two Chinese characters where “H”, short for “Han” in Chinese, refers to the extensive and profound traditional culture, and “S”, an abbreviation for “Si” in Chinese, refers to constant thinking and researching. In combination, “HS” is intended to show a integrated commitment to provision of the best architectural design services in the local market of China.

In contrast to the centralization model of traditional Chinese design institutes, HSa adopts an entirely different model by allying different professional teams for different design businesses, including planning, construction, structural engineering, MEP engineering, landscape, interior design and its recently established BIM digital design business.