Ides BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become a concept for all who are involved in design within the construction industry. It became the equal sign between 3D models and BIM, but the development shows that the fact is not so. The Term “Modelling” is a generic term for the Abstract information about the total Digital model of the building or construction. Both 2D and 3D models are components within the Digital abstract model called BIM. We can add more dimensions such as time and cost what science has declared as  4D and 5D. There are other aspects of the model such as warranty, control systems controlling the indoor climate, all are a part of the total Model.

BIM-Object accessible for all in Ides BIM

MasterConcept can collect object properties from 3D models ad CAD drawings and make all data accessible  for all project  members. MasterConcept become synchronized with models and CAD drawings.

Objects can be such as Door, Window, Valve or Ventilation Fan. If the engineer remove one window in the 3D model it will be removed in MasterConcept. If any data is changed in MasterConcept on the Door the data will bu updated in the 3D model.

By extracting data outside 2D/3D/CAD- systems in to MasterConcept more participants can start working early in MasterConcept, parallel with the design. The team have control of Volumes, Prices, Suppliers, construction time, estimates etc.

Complex CAD-systems need smart document systems

BIM Industry, or more known as AEC Industry, has during the past years taken many steps to modernization and transformation from traditional file oriented approach over to advanced 3D modeling. The complexity in a digital modern environment and time limited projects have resulted in less control of the document workflow. Workflow steps and approval check points are built in the business process, but files are stored everywhere in an open environment and revision handling is hard or even impossible to keep track on. Read more how we organize your documents and files.

For all in the planning in the design phase

MasterConcept for architects, interior designers and civil engineers

MasterConcept is built to support all aspects of the design phase. Support to those who write the functional documentation and create the first 3D models in the project. Aspects of a building is slowly developed and later in the project all models and documents will be reviewed by many in the project.

In this chapter we will try to describe to you want the benefits are for you in your profession by using MasterConcept.

MasterConcept for Electrical, Heating, Water and Ventilation. MEP and HVAC

Your work is representing the Functional areas in a building from transporting people in an elevator or see to that the building have fresh air or just light in the entrance hall.

By designing functions in a building there will be a huge amount of equipment’s who belong to different functions and systems. Data need to be shared between different engineer aspects. Electrical, Ventilation, Instrumentation & Control  all this areas or aspects of the building have to be able to Share and Coordinate documents and data between each other.

Read about how we support your job with MasterConcept.

During Operation of the building

MasterConcept in the facility management and operation

With the operation during many years there will be many projects for refurbishment that has to be managed and documents need to be updated new documents will be created and some will be sent to the trash bin. With MasterConcept you receive revision and workflow on documents as well as MasterConcept make them searchable. Searchable for the users who work with the documents and maybe after a shift of generation all obvious labeling and numbering of documents is not as clear as it was for the new comers.

You know how easy it is to find the photo on your disk you took on your holiday 10 years ago in Paris in front of the view of the Eifel Tower… Not searchable, just a stupid filename generated from the camera and not Meta data.

It is a fact that the digital world has too many zeros!

MasterConcept offer you the possibility to register your digital files and documents in a way that meta data make them searchable but also create relations to building or equipment. Due to relations to many other aspects you have more search criteria to find the right information in the future. With information Objects in MasterConcept you have the possibility to structure all information in as many aspects as you wish. No limit.

Read more about Ides MasterConcept during operations.

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Construction with mobility & precision in BIM models

MasterConcept for Construction

Its always important that every participant has the right documentation and that the document distribution is easy and fast.

With MasterConcept you have a simple handling of all published documentation in an simple and easy to use format. No advanced file formats anymore just a simple PDF document file. With a digital briefcase you distribute all documents fast and easy.

To make documentation available for the entire project you just choose the mobile solutions in MasterConcept and create your personal Project Cloud. All stakeholders in the project can easily browse to your Project Cloud to find all documents and use any kind of device for this. Ides MasterConcept Cloud show documents  with a “published” status to be sure there are not other documents there that has not been approved.

CAD and 3D CAD

Ides CAD-Driver for BIM CAD and 3D

MasterConcept specific BIM CAD Driver applications operates inside both Revit and AutoCAD and extract data from CAD and 3D-models in to functional and structural element/object in MasterConcept database. This is done without disturbing or interfering with the graphical data. The handling of graphical exchange of data based on i.e. IFC(Industrial Foundation Classes) is done by the CAD application.

You might say that we tear apart the entire model in to small pieces and identify each element as one object without manipulation of any graphical entity. With this great functionality, the project team get a transparency of all 3D models and CAD drawings.

Other team members can directly start working with calculations or analyzes independent of graphical models and application.

MasterConcept Revit and AutoCAD CAD Driver applications can also add properties in to each CAD element. Search of object data or equipment data in MasterConcept will search through all documents and 3D models.

Take control of the transformation of the 3D model to 2D files

The software where the 3D-model is built created has the possibility to create 2D views from the 3D model. The View is like a snap shot from a specific angle or view that changes at the same time as the user changes the model.

The 2D view is there to support the construction documentation or for detailed design in places where it’s needed. The 2D views can be added in to a view called Sheet where a drawing frame is added to become a Dynamic 2D drawing that is automatically updated in phase with the change of the 3D model. Users mostly want to export the 2D ” Sheet “ in to files in order to make the blue print for document distribution to different stakeholders during the project or in the construction phase.

With MasterConcept CAD Driver applications, MasterConcept take over the View inside the 3D application before it has become an exported file. The system also handles the export automation as well as transformation from 3D model to a 2D document to an open file format such as PDF.

With MasterConcept the 2D exported files becomes actual documents with document number and Meta data. MasterConcept keep track of changes of the Views and alert the user if the document export need to update the existing document in to a new document revision.

It not only gives new opportunities to the project and revision control of exported document files, but also a platform for all to reach all documents. Most important of all everyone can look at the PDF drawings.


ISO/IEC Standard for BIM

IEC/ISO 81346-12 in MasterConcept for the AEC industry

The Object Management in MasterConcept follows the ISO/IEC standard Principles for Structure Handling in order to structure plant objects by different perspectives and functions in a smart and simple way. It was first implemented in MasterConcept 1993 and today the development has gone further with this latest standard in MasterConcept.

Today it’s used for buildings and all its building functions. The new standard is labeled as IEC/ISO 81346-12. The last digits (-12) refers to the BIM area. The new standard have examples how to structure the data. There are two main areas how to structure a building.

Products of construction works are construction units, by which a building is assembled, e.g. foundation, wall, column, ceiling, facade, door, window.

Products of building services are units such as technical plants, plant sections, components, and other equipment used for realizing functions of building services.

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