Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We think it’s important to inform how we handle the information we collect. Here we will tell how and why we handle personal data, your rights and our obligations to you.

It’s our responsibility to ensure that you who are registered in your system:

1. Knows why we collect personal data.
2. Can do active choices to approve or deny processing and storage of your personal data
3. Can update your information
4. Can be hidden in our system and that information about you is deleted
5. Can get all personal data about you handed to you
6. Can request that we export your personal data
7. Have your personal data safe with us. We will not share them with third parties without you being informed and approves it.

What is considered personal data?

Personal data includes everything that can identify you personally; name, address, phone number, e-mail, etc.

Why do we collect data?

We collect different types of data to be able to support our customers and deliver quick and relevant answers to your questions. We also handle with data to improve our software, see separate chapter on this (CEP), to promote our products, activities and services directly to you. For these purposes, we can communicate with you through for example letters, telephone, e-mail and via our web.

How are the data collected?

We collect data when you become a customer with us and provide us with information, for example at training sessions, webinars and seminars. We also collect information when you communicate with us to get some information or when you subscribe to our newsletter.

What data we collect about you depends, of course, on which of our services you use.

Third Party Information

Your personal data is safe with us. We neither sell, exchange or transfer them to external parties.

Update your information

To update your personal information, just email us at: If you have login to My Page (The Customer Web), you can easily edit your information from there.

Delete yourself from our system

To get your data deleted from our systems and registries, please report it to us at


To make sure that you get the most relevant information and the best service when using our online services, we collect information through a cookie. Read more.

License Control

Collected data for license and user controls for access to the system

The data we collect from the user and the equipment the user accesses Ides software is only available to identify and authenticate the user and its equipment.

The purpose of identifying the user is to determine if and how the user will have access to the data that the licensee has stored in the database that the user connects to.

Data that is collected for license check in Ides software is saved and verified within the licensee environment or in Ides Cloud if the licensee has chosen Ides Cloud as a solution. License data sent to the license control area of the Ides software contains domain users and/or database usernames, IP address and identification of the equipment.

CEP – Customer Experience Program

This information describes collecting of information related to the use of Ides Software and ”Ides Customer Experience Program” reports, which is sent to Ides CEP module. This is part of the license agreement signed between the licensee who bought the user rights to software and Ides AB.

The information collected can help us at Ides to understand the users’ experience of eg. MasterExplorer, where the experience can be related to performance or number of clicks to find esired function. It can also help Ides with customer support by compiling statistics on which modules and dialogs are used in the product and how they are used.

Collected data for CEP

Most of the data received by Ides consists of the names of the dialogs and menu items that are opened and used in MasterConcept. This is collected to see where the product customers are working with and with which functionality. Performance measurement (loading times) are also sent to identify slow SQL queries (without potentially sensitive data or parameter values).

 CEP-reports contains the following:

Computer configuration, such as the amount of memory installed and the operating system version.

· Installed third party products used by MasterConcept, such as AutoCAD and Microsoft Office.
· Performance statistics, including the loading time of MasterExplorer and all dialogs
· Dialog usage statistics, such as the dialogs used and the number of times they were used and the menu options that the dialogs started with.
· When a CEP log is sent to Ides server, the IP address is not logged by Ides servers.


Data sent to Ides via CEP is encrypted with “Secure Sockets Layer Protocol” (SSL) to protect customer data from being intercepted. The data will only be stored on Ides servers and used to compile usage and performance statistics. Several different technologies are used to protect access to Ides servers.

Personal data we do not collect

When Ides software automatically collect data, we do not store or collect data that can reveal your Identity nor directly or indirectly according to Swedish and international law. The Swedish Law aim to prevent the violation of personal integrity by the processing of personal data, namely the Personal Data Act (SFS 1998:204) in swedish Personuppgiftslagen, PUL. This Act is based on common rules decided within the EU.

Sharing of data

Ides will not share CEP data collected with third parties. Collected CEP statistics may be presented in the support portal. Ides will not share collected data and can NOT share personally identifiable information because such data is never collected.

Contact us

If you have any thoughts about how and why we handle personal information, please contact us directly at